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20 January 2008 -  Beef Kebabs

Easy kebabs for a delicious and nutritious summer lunch cooked on the barbecue.

One of the most important steps of this recipe is to remember to soak the bamboo skewers in water for 12 hours before making the kebabs. If you use dry skewers, they are very likely to burn on the barbecue thus removing one of the practical advantage of kebabs which is to be eaten with no plate, fork or knife and without getting your fingers dirty either by simply holding one extremity of the skewer and biting on pieces of meat and veges to make them gently slide off the bamboo between your teeth until they can be eaten.

Buy some beef, tomatoes, onions, capsicums, small button mushrooms as well as one bottle of a good red table wine. The rest of the ingredients should be found in all well stocked pantries.

Prepare the kebabs a few hours before cooking them so that they have time to marinate. Wash your hands. Dice the beef in small pieces. You can buy the best eye filet at great expenses or simply buy pre-diced, casserole beef at a fraction of the price; the kebabs will be just as delicious. Let the meat rest an hour or so with a liberal sprinkling of rock salt before using it. Cut the tomatoes in eight pieces, cut the capsicum in thumb sized pieces, peel the onions and cut in thumb sizes pieces, separating the layers so that the pieces are just one or two layers thick.

Wash your hands again before starting skewering the ingredients. I often use the following sequence: onion, meat, mushroom, meat, tomato, meat, capsicum, meat, onion. But feel free to be creative. . My preference is to press everything tightly against each other rather than leave a gap between each piece. This should only cover half of the length of the bamboo stick. You could obviously load more stuff on each stick but they will be heavier to handle comfortably and you will have less kebabs made. As the kebabs are ready, lay them side by side in a large and deep dish. When all kebabs are done, liberally pour olive oil, sprinkle salt, pepper, and thyme, Pour red wine, Worcestershire sauce and Soy sauce. Clean the kitchen, fix yourself a glass of wine, relax.

Cook the kebab on the plate of the barbecue rather than the grill. That will prevent the bamboo skewers to burn if you forgot to soak them in water beforehand. It will also allow you to periodically wet the kebabs with the marinade while they cook.



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