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20 April 2009 -  Wheelie, wheelie , wheelie stupid...

One wheelie bin is equivalent to a 500 years supply of plastic bags....

One Waiheke plastic rubbish bags weigh 2.5 grams of plastic.
One 240 litres wheelie bin for rubbish collection weigh 15.5 kilos of plastic.
One plastic wheelie bin is therefore equivalent to 6,200 red plastic bags or about 120 years supply for the average family.

Since the lifetime of a wheelie been is probably no more than 30 years, we can safely estimate that a wheelie bin system will use up as much plastic as a 460 year supply of the current red plastic bags.

It is in fact probably far more than that as plastic bags are only used when needed where a wheelie bin is manufactured regardless of whether the residents use it or not. Many Waiheke Island residences are only occupied during the summer months but would have a bin made anyway.

Am I completely off the mark?


a rubbish wheelie bin












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