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20 June 2009 -  The single sock syndrome.

I know I am not the only one suffering from the single sock syndrome. I am sure you know what I am talking about. You put a pair of dirty socks in the laundry basket and only one comes back into your socks drawer. The phenomenon repeat itself until you only have single socks and must go out and buy new pairs…

This happen to everyone I know. This is a mystery as to why and how it happens?

The obvious solution is to only buy socks of the same kind so that no matter how often they disappear, you always have a pair to wear. This works but does not explain the mystery of the disappearing socks…

One theory is that in fact you only put one sock in the laundry basket, leaving the other one lying under your bed or somewhere and therefore only one comes back in your drawer. If that were the case though, I would have something like one hundreds lonely dirty socks lying under my bed. This is not the case.

Perhaps the pairs are separated in the laundry cycle, from bedroom to basket, to washing machine, to clothesline or dryer, to drawer. But pairs would eventually be reunited. To test this theory I kept a large plastic bag where I collected all my single socks for a period of 18 months. The bag got very heavy and one day I laid all the socks on the lounge carpet to try to rebuild matching pairs. This was entertaining for a while but fun made way to frustration as after a couple of hours I only managed to make one single pair. The bulk of these socks remained single. That second theory is therefore not valid. They do really disappear. But where, when and how?

Socks are not very big items, perhaps they get caught somewhere in the washing machine, eaten away, piling up inside the big white box… Last month our trusty old AEG finally gave up after 15 years of good services and we bought a new washing machine. We stored the old one in the shed in the vague hope that it will fix itself up. One day I decided to sacrifice it for the benefit of science and made a post mortem autopsy to find all the singles socks. I completely dismantled the old thing and found no socks whatsoever. They are definitively not eaten by the machine, unless it also digests them, which is unlikely.

Perhaps there are flushed out with dirty water. I had a look at the diameter of the exhaust pipe of that old machine and concluded that there is no way wet socks could travel through it with such regularity without blocking it. I tried to push a wet cotton sock trough the pipe… no luck… besides, that pipe empties itself in a tub next to the machine… If that theory was true, socks would be found in that tub after almost every wash… But that never happens. I can report with some level of certainty that socks are not flushed away into sewage…

Where are the socks disappearing? The mystery remains.

To add to the puzzle, I have one particular pair of socks that are very uncommon, unique, one of a kind, I like them very much, they are of very good quality, made of the best cotton, woven with a distinctive pattern, They are comfortable and very robust, I think I have had these socks for over 10 years now. They are the one and only pair that have survived the single sock syndrome… What is different about that particular pair of socks that make them immune to that problem? They are cotton, like most of my other socks, the rest being wool or a wool blend. They are black, like most of my other socks. They have a dual white line at the top a bit like the All Blacks socks of the 80’s but I fail to see how that would protect them from disappearing? In short there is nothing notable about these socks other than for some unknown reason they have survived…

I still do not know why my socks keep disappearing or where there are going… This is very annoying…












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