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"On cherche toujours de nouveaux artistes,alors que l'on oublie que l'on a des connaissances qui on un véritable talent. Olivier Duhamel est un artiste confirmé,j'ai eu la chance de découvrir quelques petites sculptures directement arrivées de Nouvelle Zélande chez mes amis de la galerie Intimerance, ,je les ai admirées, palpées, caressées tellement elles étaient belles. "
Manuela, Belgium, July 2009
"Ces sculptures sont superbes et si je devais en posséder une, je prends "The Kissors",  douceur, sensualité, désir émanent de cette dernière ..."
Cat, France, Avril 2009
 "This brings tears to my eyes on so many levels, both good and bad. I thank you with all of my heart for not only being brave enough to post a piece of an overweight woman, but the fact that you saw true beauty for the perfection it is.You are an artist and I thank you for sharing this piece of art. Go Virginia! "

Patricia, USA, March 2009

« J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites, c'est tout à fait sensuel, sans abus... »
Lou, France, Decembre 2008
"I really loved your pictures... I would love to pose for pictures like that..."
Ashley, USA

"I must say I love and admire your works it bring a new light on the older nude works I have seen as most I seem to find are fantasy art and not quite my cup of tea."
Chantelle, USA, March 2008

"Votre coup de crayon est vraiment magnifique , je dirai meme exceptionnel, je serai ravi de pouvoir etre dessiné par vous."
Olivier, France, March 2008

"I must say that I loved your work. The drawing is just fantastic. I loved it so much. I could just stare at them for days."
David, USA, January 2008

"Vos sculpures sont très bien accueillies car elles  sont à un prix abordable et d'allure élégante.... Je viens d'aller chercher à la poste vos 2 statues en bronze, elles sont superbes."
Christine, France, December 2007

I Love your work!! If I could fill a whole wall with it, I would!! Nude art will never be the same...I would love to have you draw me..
Deborah, California


“The 3 bronzes have arrived. They are absolutely gorgeous. We have been admiring them since their arrival.”
MaryRose, New Zealand


"i really love ur work n ur damn good."
girl-22 girl-22 , Yahoo

"I have found your homepage and I am very impressed by your graceful pictures."
Peter, Germany, May 07


" Vos dessins sont une pure expression de l'art, vous êtes génial!! "
Fabien, France, May 07

“ I had to look at your site to find out more about you and found your drawings - and after you have seen one you want to see the rest! Isn't the female form wonderful?” James Firth, New Zealand May 2007
"awesome sculpture. looks like she is actually about to spin." (The Funambulist)
vega681j, USA, March 2007

"this is a really beautiful sculpture, great pose and wonderful construction of form. the arms and shoulders are especially well done. I also particularly enjoy the title" (The Funambulist)
pseuDOVAgrant, USA, March 2007


"Thank you so much for the lovely drawing of my wife. We are delighted with it, you have done an excellent job of obtaining a true likeness as well as capturing her personality and character. The work was done quickly and most professionally and we are truly delighted with the result."
Mark, France, November 06

"… un petit moment de pur bonheur pour les yeux. Ce que vous faites est magnifique. Bravo.. les portraits de nus sont splendides, le trait de crayon parfait."
Christine (Paris, France October 06)

"I really like this sculpture as her form really draws me in and is an interest to it. The hind end is large and well formed. I like the patina color with this too. You did capture the voluptuousness of her and it is very appealing. I've seen a lot of anatomically correct torsos that weren't interesting and didn't draw you in but this one does and I really like it."
Tamara, Northren California
"Vos dessins sont magnifiques... Mais j'ai un gros coup de coeur pour vos sculptures..."
Manuela, Belgique
"That piece has a nice feeling of fleshiness and softness to it. It's the distortions and imperfections that create interest, and I might add, as long as they're done with taste ..."
Ironman, New Mexico
"That is a very refreshing piece. It's hard to find a new insight for human anatomy. It has been done so much. Yours is warm and touchable. I think it is a wonderful piece."
Scout, GA
"I think this is a fantastic piece-- I particularly like her subtle quarter-turn to the right instead of relying solely on the deep arch in her sacrum for motion."
Obseq, Canada


"Your talent shines in all your works."
Nancy Woolweber   (USA June 06)

"Absolutely stunning work. Amazingly well rendered."
Ana Tirolese  (USA June 06)

"Great work, so well done...I do admire your art.. "
Jude  (USA June 06)

"Wonderful portrait, Olivier! You have real mastery of charcoal. The shading and the treatment of the hair are great."
Carol Roberts  (USA June 06)
"Absolutely fantastic figure drawing Olivier! You are gifted in working in charcoal, you capture the light of the persons soul.....not many do.....keep it up! "
Patrick Miller  (USA June 06)
"outstanding graphite Olivier. fantastic style and technique. nicely done, my friend."
Denny Karchner  (USA June 06)

"You have a stunning portfolio. Such wonderful details in all of your pieces. .. You have really remarkable control of this medium....Very much enjoyed the viewing."
Kathi Perry  ( USA June 06)

"Olivier Duhamel's nudes take on a life of their own. Light falls softly on the skin's contours, transforming the body into a sculptural work... after all, in these drawings, the female body becomes something to be celebrated rather than hidden away by layers of clothing"
Whitney Barton ("Waiheke Marketplace" - june 2006)

"Je suppose que vos modeles doivent etre fieres de poser pour vous comme vous devez etre fier de pouvoir les "croquer". Vous etes un artiste un vrai, cela se sent chez vous, c'est dans votre ame et surement inne. Bravo continuez ainsi a nous faire decouvrir la beaute du corps, sans pudeur, sans arriere-pensee, juste parce que c'est beau et qu'il faut le montrer pour que les gens en prennent reellement conscience."
Valerie (Quebec - June 2006)

" I just had to tell you how much I loved your sketches! I especially liked the female nudes. It made me want to pick up my pencils again after a long time :)
Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. "
Thanks, "

Michelle (Australia - may 2006)


"Olivier Duhamel jongle entre portraits et nus avec ses graphites, toujours travaillés avec douceur...Il s'adonne également à la sculpture avec bonheur."
Douxpastel (France)

" I believe your art is some of the best I have ever found. Simple and yet so exotic with your lines and shades. I hope to someday capture life as you have done in your art."
N Huff, May 2006

"The New Zealand artist Olivier Duhamel uses his basic materials, like graphite or charcoal, with a stunning virtuosity. His nudes show a decent study of the human anatomy and a respectful approach of his subjects, images of dedication and a celebration of the human form.
To capture a model on paper with the artistic freedom Duhamel achieves, takes practice, time and a keen eye for proportion. I know from experience that although his drawings may look simple, they are surely not, the composition, the endless shades of grey and the usage of shortening are really hard to master.

My personal favorites are his Virginia series, the big woman lounging, she becomes nearly a monument herself, sculptured by subtle shades of grey.

Art of Love, February 2006

"When it comes to erotic art in graphite or charcoal, Kiwi artist Olivier Duhamel is at once a magician and master. Few graphite artists will ever achieve the prolific, lifelike sensuality that distinguishes this artist from all the rest. 10 out of 10."
David Heatherington
January 10th, 2006.
" To my eye your work is always in good proportion, has impact, I like it very much. I expect women would be almost queuing up for you to sketch them...."
Leslie (New Zealand)

"....it is quite exciting to imagine someone, somewhere, buying a drawing of me and looking at me naked."
 Patty (UK)
"Pour moi ton dessin est deja une oeuvre d'art. Je suis pressée de voir la suite, tu a l'air extremement doué.

Brigitte (France)
"I did feel beautiful posing for you. I could not have imagined how much I would love your drawing of me. I keep going back to look at the drawing – I can’t help myself. The shadings are just remarkable. Thank you! You make me feel beautiful.”
Sally (New Zealand)
"Je dois vous avouer que votre dessin m'a troublée par son réalisme, c'est une sensation très bizarre mais extrêmement plaisante que de se voir dessinée..."
Yiyi (Paris)
The picture is fantastic I am very pleased. I thank you for making me look beautiful.”
Robyn (Auckland)
« Merci pour ton regard posé sur moi. C'est vraiment une très grande réussite artistique et érotique, mais non perverse.
Cecile (France)
"I am glad I found your art, they really fascinates me."
Ossi (Finland)

"This is quite an arousing experience, having someone scrutinise my body to produce a work of art."
Julie (London)

"Tes nus sont superbes et je ne suis pas étonnée que tu ais choisi cette spécialité."
Manuela (France)
"Felicitations je trouve tes dessins tres reussis. J’ai eu plaisir a parcourir ton site. Il se telecharge tres rapidement, c’est fluide et facile a naviguer."
Claude (India)
"J'ai visité votre site, vous êtes un artiste comme j'aime et je pourrai dire un maître! "
Betty (France)

 "It was quite an arousing experience to be sketched, completely nude by a man who I don't know. I loved the whole experience."
Susan (New Zealand)


"Tes dessins me flattent, me rendent fière, tu m'apportes beaucoup plus que je n'aurais pu penser car à travers tes yeux, j'ai l'impression d'apprendre à me connaitre."
Celine (France)

" I love the sketches on your website, especially cyd and david,  very erotic!"
Steve (Australia)


"Tes dessins respirent. Ils sont vivants. c'est, vu de mes yeux, un hymne à la vie..."


"Your work looks amazing!"
Dawn-Marie (USA)


"Your art is amazing! I like a good sized bottom on a woman...you really are talented - the beauty of Waiheke comes through so strongly”
Jane (New Zealand)
Thanks Jane, for the funniest comment ever received...Olivier


"Votre site est magnifique, j'adore vos dessins...."
Nina (France)
"Bravissimo pour vos dessins! Vous êtes réellement plus proche des grands maîtres que bien des plasticiens actuels..."
Serge (France)
"I absolutely love your gallery! You have so much talent and an eye for everyday beauty it's striking."
Tenshi, (USA)


I think the drawing is stunning, you made me look absolutely gorgeous, I love it, I just wanted to tell you that I thought you did a wonderful job”
Jessica (New Zealand)


"Your work is very fine and shows an amazing level of skill."
Patrick Deshaye (USA)


"Le rendu de l'émotion, l'expression de son plaisir d'être ainsi exposée… Superbe! Positivement superbe.”
Jean-Paul (France)

"Vos esquisses sont un regal pour notre imaginaire"
Christine (France)

"Your nudes are fantastic. Great sense of dynamics and anatomy."
Shotgunn, illustrator  (California, USA)


"Bravo pour vos dessins !!!!"
Philipe (France)

"What can I say - your drawings are amazing. The erotic page is as I imagined, tasteful, provocative, and inspiring."
Sally  (New Zealand)


"Merci, le dessin est magnifique, je me reconnais, sans problème. Je suis très heureuse que vous ayez pris plaisir à me crayonner. Cela fait un effet extraordinaire de savoir que quelqu'un a passé du temps à me dessiner en reproduisant les moindres détails de ma féminité.."
Annick (Belgium)

"Oh wow. I so want to steal your bag-of-talent. the photorealism is amazing."
Thecosmicgoose (deviantart.com)


"Je tenais à vous féliciter pour la qualité de vos dessins...j'ai été saisi par le réalisme des ombres et des lumières...Vos dessins sont vraiment superbes...Encore bravo..."
Rémi. (France)

"That sure is an interesting piece. Love all the work you did with the corn stalks (I assume thats corn) and how she looks like she's totally surrounded and how somebody could be near but not know she's there. Also the reflection in her glasses is a nice touch. Good job. "
Pittfiend (deviantart.com)

"You by far have the most impressive work we have seen while looking on the Internet."
Randy and Lori (USA)


"You have a wonderful gallery. I really love your work. You are very skilled and talented, and I hope to see more work from you soon."

"I got my pictures today...what can I say...they are stunning! Especially the portrait...I don't know how to thank you for that one....there are no words! I'm taking it to be framed today!"
Traci (UK)

"The drawing is wonderful! How nice to see myself on your website. I wonder how many visitors will look at my figure. I wonder what they will think? I look very attractive, the way you have drawn me!"
Pat (UK)


  "Work cures everything."

Henri  Matisse.


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